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Online registration

Below is a list of the most common issues encountered while registering online:

1) Credit card declines. Most times when your card declines it is due to an address mis-match on the billing address. Please ensure the billing address listed matches EXACTLY to the card issuers info on file. If you are a remote employee using a company card, the billing address is likely the corporate office address. We have added both billing address and mailing address fields to the payment areas online.

2) Online order form non-responsive. This is normally due to either of the following cases: (a) You are not logged in to your member account at the club website before attempting to access the order area. Please log in and try again. (b) Your companies IT security settings are preventing access to the club website. Contact your IT department or try the transaction from another device and/or network such as a home network or phone hot-spot.

3) Why am I being charged non-member pricing when registering for events, when I'm a current member? You must be logged in to your account on the club website before accessing any event registration areas or links. Otherwise, the system thinks you are a non-member registering.

If you are still having issues after trying these suggestions, please contact us at info@tulsapipeliners.org

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Here you can view upcoming events, create or update profile information, reserve your place for an event or dinner, and make payments.

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Membership for the 2020-2021 year will be available starting August 1 for both new members and membership renewals.

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