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The Pipeliners Association of Houston

The mission of the Pipeliners Association of Houston's is to advance pipeline engineering and operation practices for the mutual benefit of the members and the industry.

The means employed for the attainment of this purpose include, but are not limited to, meeting for the presentation of appropriate papers and discussion of items of general intent, as well as discussion of books, publications and other material. The Association shall be both non-profit and non-political in character but may cooperate in civic enterprises.

Louisiana Pipeliners

The LOUISIANA PIPELINERS ASSOCIATION is a non-political and non-profit corporation formed in 1996 for the purpose of promoting all aspects of the pipeline industry in Louisiana.

As a means to provide a civic service, the Association has established a Scholarship Fund in order to award grants to eligible college students. Golf tournaments are used as a major source of raising funds for this purpose.

San Antonio Pipeliners Association

The primary purpose of the San Antonio Pipeliners Association is to provide an opportunity for "peer-to-peer" networking for men and women involved in the pipeline and midstream industries. Monthly meetings will be held at the Petroleum Club of San Antonio and will include a time of networking, a buffet, and a speaker. Topics will range from technical issues important to the industry, governmental affairs affecting the industry, and academia's efforts to prepare and influence the next generation toward a career in the oil and gas industry.

Pipeliners Club of Atlanta

Since 1964, we have served as the leading business association for members of the oil and gas pipeline industry. Our purpose is to advance pipeline engineering and operation practices for the mutual benefit of the members and the industry.

In addition to the great networking opportunity that this organization provides its members, the events such as the monthly luncheon meetings from August to April serve to present relevant news, research and practices that engages and educates our members. These events also function as a means of meeting continuing education requirements to maintain professional registries.

The Pipeliners Club of Oklahoma City

The Pipeliners Club of Oklahoma City was formed in 2015 as a non-profit organization with the mission to connect upstream, midstream, and downstream communities for the advancement of engineering, maintenance, and operating practices. Profits from our golf tournament, sporting clay tournament, and monthly meetings benefit our scholarship fund. With close to 200 members, the club looks forward to growing its network throughout Oklahoma City.

The Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club

On your way to Denver? Working in the Rockies energy industry? Prospective student studying to work in the industry? Look up the Rocky Mountain Pipeliner's Club! We support a network of energy professionals and students looking to advance our industry and stay in touch with regional issues and broader industry topics. Come golf with us, meet us for lunch and lets work together to responsibly develop and support our industry's most valuable commodity, you.

Appalachian Pipeliners Association

The Appalachian Basin Chapter of the Pipeliners Association was organized in 2015. We've grown the organization organically. Inspired by the devotion to the unique skill sets and trades surrounding the energy industry in Appalachia.

While oil and natural gas isn't new to Appalachia, the infrastructure development associated with the Utica and Marcellus shale formations has spawn a growth trajectory not witnessed for many years. Appalachia has become home to one of the largest natural gas and natural gas liquids reservoirs in the world and re-tooling of the legacy pipeline infrastructure and the migration of new midstream entities to the area have become a vital part of economic development and wealth creation in what was heretofore referred to as "the rust belt!"

Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

The Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners (PBAP) is a 501(c)(6) non profit organization that provides "peer-to-peer" networking for professionals involved in the pipeline and oil and gas-related industries, especially in the Permian Basin area of West Texas. Members meetings occur monthly and include time for networking, lunch or dinner, and a guest speaker. Meeting topics can range from safety and technical issues important to the industry, governmental affairs, and academia's efforts to prepare the next generation of teammates toward a career in the oil and gas industry. Opportunities to join committees to work specific issues being addressed by the Association are available to all members. PBAP also hosts multiple fundraising events like team roping, golf tournament, and our clay shoot that benefit a local scholarship program. These scholarships help to prepare Permian Basin students for future careers in the oil and gas industries.

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